Rako Lighting Control

The prefered switching medium for all of Greenlites installtions is Rako.

A Uk company based in Rochester Kent   www.rakocontrols.com


Greenlite initially worked with Rako to produce a dimming module that gives very smooth reliable dimming to the entire range of NiteLux LED light fittings that Greenlite uses.


We have also gone through thier basic and advanced programming courses which now means Greenlite can carry out all the programming that is required on site without calling in a 3rd party.This also gives our clients the advanrtage of having just 1 number to call in the case of an issue or a change they wish to make to the timings or control of the installtion


Switching is carried out by a stylish wall switch which is wireless and powered by lithium batteries meaning no damage to existing decore is required for installtion.

The face plate can be changed to match what you have at the momnet if that is required. 


The switch then simply communicates with the Rako dimmer modules placed in or outside the house which in turn control your lights.


If required a timer can be added giving automatic control of all lighting,the timer tracks dusk and dawn daily and chnages from GMT to BST automatically.We can also select at this point what times various zones of the garden switch on and off.


Smart phone controll is also possible via the Rako timer.


Another great advatage of using Rako is that Greenlite can also take control of your existing wall lights and seamlessly add them into the control process.


We can even use Rako to trigger lights via PIR detectors,trigger lights to come on when electric gates open or when pencile beams are broken across openings.


Lighting control is critical and an integeral part of any Greenlite Installtion




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